It is said that ancient civilizations have walk the Land of the Free.
It is also said, they have locked massive amounts of gold and secret artifacts inside huge tombs in the Grand Canyon.
Is there any irrefutable evidence from the earlier 1900's exploration?
Could such deposits of treasures revamp global economy and the way we live?
Have you ever see any entrance in this magnificent landscape before?
Here is an interactive version that can become an immersive experience VR were you can scouring the landscape looking for these treasures. During your journey, you will find checkpoints were prominent authorities on the subject will guide you thru the history behind these ancient civilizations and their interesting findings from earlier 1900's exploration.
If you find a tomb and a way to unlock the main chamber, you can keep the hidden Treasures.
Note: By the way, only I know the secret how to unlock the chambers lol...
3D Re Creation
The scene is completely built from scratch as a fictional 3D representation of Grand Canyon, so it's not Geo accurate. Below you find the wireframes and lighting only versions necessary to create the footage above.
If you like the Low Res version, imagine all that at 4K!

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